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     Since the early nineties Team Nonino’s founder has been involved in various Fiberglass Projects in the United State as well as in Australia. Gaining knowledge and experience in fiberglass application TEAMNONINO begun in early 2000 transferring the techniques into Boat Building.

     Starting from “Banca Boats” and 12-footer Rescue Boat, TEAMNONINO has grown into designing and manufacturing high quality boats as long as 30 feet. Other water equipment such as floaters, buoys, and even kayaks are now being produced at its factory in SAN PEDRO, LAGUNA.

      Based on American Technology and Filipino ingenuity, TEAMNONINO has found a niche in the Boating Industry. From Sportsman to Sunday pleasure seekers, TEAMNONINO is now able to offer its product line at a very affordable price.

      Light, Fast and Affordable TEAMNONINO’s Boats carry a 3 year warranty which no other boat manufacturer can offer or can match.
MERCURY USA has approved Dealership to sell Mercury Engines and Accessories. We are now an Authorized Mercury Dealer.

      Therefore, when in need of high quality POLYMER Products TEAMNONINO is your Company. TEAMNONINO’s commitment to excellence is beyond compare.


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                     Wetsand                                       Pagasa                                           Moon Phase

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            Pantabangan water Pitch                       Tide Change                       Japan Meteorogical Agency